Exclusive projects and interior details

Our main focus is on the implementation of furniture and interior projects

We have experience working with private and public spaces

We work with architects and designers to bring their various ideas to life

We make both unique and usual furniture in various styles

Your orders give us the opportunity to improve and in return we bring happiness to you

For many years we have been successfully working with architects from Lithuania, Russia, Germany and France.

As a result of a broad work experience and consistent improvement we have developed several qualities that make us different and special comparing to other furniture manufacturers.

Who we are

We are able to manufacture and set up furniture for the whole project. This expands design opportunities and enhances the quality of the project realization.
We have got an access to a wide variety of materials for realization of the most sophisticated ideas. We use the latest furniture production technologies, which not only allows us to
produce an outstanding quality furniture.
Whilst working on details for a most demanding designer project we not only pay attention to the design style, but also it has to be ergonomic and convenient to use.


The success of the project depends on the professional staff whose knowledge and experience create an effective team.

The key to a balanced and successful project relies on mutual understanding and cooperation.





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